Media Center

  • Provide intellectual and physical access to information resources.
  • Provide learning experiences that encourage users to become discriminating consumers and skilled creators of information.
  • Provide resources and activities that contribute to lifelong learning
  • Promote literacy and the enjoyment of reading.
  • Provide leadership, instruction and consulting assistance in the use of information technology resources.
Check out these resources!
  • DISCUS Online Databases
    Includes various databases for research. Can be assessed at home. Inquire in the media center.
  • Knowit All
    A web portal sponsored by ETV, it includes fun and interactive websites.
  • SC Streamline
    Includes educational videos, clipart and teacher resources.
The Media center is a place:

–where all students can strive for and achieve success
–that tries to provide a quality collection which supports the curriculum and addresses varied learning styles/needs
–to develop a LOVE of READING and literature in all forms
–where students are helped to explore the world around them through print and electronic information
–where students can visit/work individually, in a pre-arranged small group, or in a scheduled class