Dr. Tavita Herriott – Guidance Counselor

The guidance department at Mayewood Middle School strives to understand each students’ background and the factors that are influencing their present circumstances, and maintain a positive attitude throughout middle school and beyond.

Individual Counseling

Students may refer themselves or be referred by a teacher or parent. Students may meet with the counselor one-on-one to discuss any problems they may be having at school, at home or with peers. The counselor serves as an advocate and friend while assisting the student in the problem solving process. Students may see the counselor weekly for a short while. Students in need of in-depth therapy will be referred to the school’s social worker.

Small Group Counseling

Groups consist of 2-8 students working together to deal with similar issues.



Ms. Doris McGee

Mayewood Middle School help students plan for a career by utilizing the following resources:

  • Intro to Careers Course
  • SCOIS Assessment
  • Kuder Assessment
  • Speakers in all 16 career cluster areas
  • Annual Career Fair