Benefits of Joining Clubs/Organizations are an integral part of school culture.  Joining a club/organization is a great way to meet new friends, work collaboratively and develop leadership skills. Also, many colleges look to see that students are involved outside the classroom, which shows they are well-rounded.

Mayewood Middle School sponsors several clubs/organizations.  Students are encouraged to join a club/organization that matches his/her interests.  Students will start each morning with club/organization activities from 7:40 am-8:05 am.  Some clubs/organizations have fees and some are based on academic achievement.  Students must meet the requirement(s) for each club they wish to join.

Mayewood Middle Schools Clubs

Student Council exists in order to provide the student body with proper representation in school governance. Campaigning opportunities will be given to students in each grade level to enable the selection of the Student Council officers.  Student Council members are expected to maintain an overall “C” average each nine weeks grading period, and must not have a disciplinary record.  This club is open to all students in grades 6th through 8th.

BETA Club “promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership and service among elementary and secondary school students.”

Yearbook Club is a great way to meet new friends and express oneself creatively. There is a place for everyone on the yearbook staff, whether one is interested in drawing, designing, writing, photography, or public relations. Although editors are usually eighth graders, students of all grade levels are encouraged to join and are given a role in designing the yearbook and helping to make it successful! The Yearbook Club will be responsible for capturing the many Viking events and activities throughout the year to develop our Viking yearbook.  Students in grades 6th through 8th can join the Yearbook Club.

Viking Choir—If you love to sing, the Viking Choir is for you! Participation in the choir is an exciting, demanding and rewarding activity.  The ultimate goal is a lifelong appreciation for high-quality music and music making.  The objectives are to develop performance skills using our voices; to expose the student to various styles of music from various time periods; to acquaint the student with music theory/history and how history and musical composition relates to students’ lives and musical experience and to provide all students with the opportunity for worthy use of their time, a means for self-expression, and a healthy social experience. Students will rehearse weekly and perform at community events. Students in grades 6th-8th can join.

FBLA Club, Future Business Leaders of America, is part of a national organization.  The purpose of FBLA is to prepare students for careers in business, build leadership skills and to work collaboratively.  Membership helps students develop leadership abilities by preparing them for entry into  business-related occupations and offers a setting where members compete at regional, state and national levels in business and technology curriculum.  Students will have scheduled community and school projects throughout the school year.  Membership fee is required.  Students in grades 7th & 8th can join FBLA.

Mentoring is a program designed to coach male students with understanding themselves and others around them. The program has three goals: building a strong mind, strong body and soul. The purpose is not to change the behavior of each student, but to change their thinking process, which is the leading factor to change the way they behave.

Quiz Bowl is a game in which two teams compete head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of knowledge including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, sports, and popular culture. This club will prepare students to compete academically in a variety of settings, most common being the Quiz Bowl match.  The purpose is to promote friendly and competitive academic competition, while encouraging collaborative learning and teamwork.  The Quiz Bowl Team does travel to after school competitions.

Student Council – The Mission Statement of the Mayewood Middle School Student Council is to inspire and empower others to make positive changes personally and socially.  We will do this by encouraging others to take risks through participating in leadership, realizing each individual possesses gifts to share, welcoming differences and diversity, showing we all play a small part in the big picture, learning to LIVE, LOVE, LEARN and LEAVE A LEGACY! Student Council promotes a better understanding between students and teachers by providing an opportunity for student expression, development of leadership among representatives, improving school spirit, and promoting improved citizenship. Students actively represent the student body in a variety of capacities, focusing their work on improving the school for all students. Students will also have the opportunity to work within and throughout the community and will attend events such as retreats and workshops.