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Sumter School District Policy

To Educate, Empower and Enrich!

Sumter School District develops and cultivates internationally competitive students who embrace diversity, act responsibly, and contribute to the community and society.

It is the mission of Sumter School District to provide an intellectual and safe environment, which equips students to be responsible, successful, and productive citizens in a global society.

Sumter School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or age in admission to, treatment in, or emplyment in its programs and activities. For inquiries regarding the policy, contact the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel or the Director of Specialized Programs, Sumter School District, 1345 Wilson Hall Road, Sumter, SC 29150 or call 803-469-6900.


A Message From the Principal


Dear Viking Parents,

            I hope that our students and their families are enjoying the summer break.  It seems that just as we are settling in with our break, planning for the new school year begins.  We have a few weeks to relax; however, I want to share with parents information for the new school year.

             Our Sixth Grade Orientation will be held on August 12, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.  During this time, our sixth grade students and parents will be briefed on school information, students will be given their schedule and handbook; parents will also receive a copy of the student handbook, and students will have an opportunity to tour the school and meet their teachers.  We encourage all parents and students to attend.

            Our Seventh and Eighth Grade Orientation will be held on August 13, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.  We will also brief our students and parents, issue parent/student handbook, issue students’ schedules; and allow time for our students to meet their teachers. 

             Last year was a great year for student growth in both character and academic achievement.  Mayewood is quickly becoming recognized as a school of academic excellence.  To continue on our journey as an award winning school, we have some district and school changes for next year:

1)      Breakfast and Lunch will be free for all students.

2)      Students will be allowed to carry their bookbags during the school day from class to class if they purchase a clear bookbag.  If students do not have a clear bookbag, they must rent a locker for $5.00 and store their bookbags in their lockers. Clear bookbags can be purchased at Wal-Mart and Roses.  Parents can also purchase durable clear bookbags from the school for $25.00.

3)      Students must keep their lockers secured. Students who do not keep their lockers secured will forfeit their use of the lockers and will have to carry their books during the school day.

4)      We will continue to have Viking Attire.  Viking attire consist of a Red polo type shirt with buttons and a collar and a Navy Blue or Khaki pant, short, or skirt.  Sweaters, jackets, and outer garments must also be Red.  Students can wear any color sneakers.  Students who participate in Viking Attire and refrain from any discipline referrals will be rewarded with field trips to places such as a college football/basketball game, skating, bowling, State Fair, and cook-outs.  The purpose of Viking Attire is to foster unity and focus.  Some suggested locations to find the best deals on the Viking Attire are Citi-Trends, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and JC Penny’s.

5)       The district is going to a paperless discipline referral system.  Students will no longer receive a paper copy of the discipline referral.  Teachers will enter and submit discipline referrals electronically to the Intervention Specialist or the Principal.  Parents who provide the school with an email address or a mobile phone number will receive a text or email when the Intervention Specialist or the Principal addresses the discipline referral.  Parents may request a paper copy of the referral during parent conferences.

6)      The discipline code has been revised so that severe infractions are now level four and minor infractions are level one.  This is a reverse of how the levels were in previous years.  A copy on the revised policy is in the Parent/Student Handbook.  Each parent and student will receive a copy.

             It is the school’s goal to continuously keep parents informed on the school activities, events, and success.  Please keep your address and phone number current.  I will send information via recorded messages, monthly postcards, and our school website.  When I am not observing classrooms or in meetings, I am available to meet with parents.  Feel free to make an appointment or stop by the school.  As always, I appreciate your support and feedback.  I look forward to meeting you during orientation.  Have a great summer.

Seek excellence--Work hard--Observe rules and procedures--Respect self and others--Do the right thing

David Laws, Jr.


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PASS/Benchmark Incentive Trip - May 23rd
Memorial Day Holiday - May 26th
8th Grade Promotion Ceremony - May 29th 
Awards Ceremony - June 3rd
Field Day - June 4th & 5th

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